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Meet the winners of Njord Nest competition

Meet the winners of Njord Nest competition

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The Emigreat team

Emigreat is an all-in-one relocation platform, assistant and advisor that helps you manage the relocation process of all your international talents.

– What is the greatest reward you take with you from the Njord Nest competition?

”The greatest reward we take with us from the Njord Nest competition is not only the comradery between the participants and the valuable insight and feedback we were all able to give to each other, but also the opportunity to take a critical look at our own product and its sustainability costs. Anyone can look at their idea and talk about their sustainability goals, but looking at the costs is an important way to determine how best to minimize your footprint. We also got great feedback about how to personalize our pitch, and I think we made a pivot in our product based on the brainstorming we were able to do in Njord Nest.”

– Where are you headed next?

”Our MVP will hopefully be out in a few months, so that’s very exciting! We’re pushing as hard as we can to get the word out and fundraise, develop our product, and reach out to customers. 2022 is going to be a big year for us!”

– If you wanted to share/give advice to other sustainable start-ups, what would that be?

”If you are competing in Njord Nest: Attend all the classes if you can! It’s easy to look at the final pitch day as the only important day, but attending the classes allows you to not only receive good feedback, but to also be creative in your thinking for your fellow startups. By diving deep into other groups’ value propositions and product ideas, I was able to have a more creative mind about my own company, too.

If you are not competing in Njord Nest: Iterative looping! Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to question your idea or your product. It’s too easy to become precious about your idea and you may not be getting the best or most successful product out there because you’re not getting critical enough feedback. Don’t be afraid to pivot; in fact, be excited for the opportunity to do so. And don’t give up!”

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