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Meet the winners of Njord Nest competition

Meet the winners of the Njord Nest competition.

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The GEA Carbon Capture AS – Team

GEA Carbon Capture AS was established in Kristiansand, Norway in 2019, and our main goal is to use the GEA@275 carbon dioxide removal technology in order to remove atmospheric CO2 by the natural ocean systems. Before we can implement such a technology in the Southern Ocean, we must know more about the ocean systems.

We had a chat with Hanne Marie Edvardsen Jelavic, Founder and CEO of GEA Carbon Capture AS

– What is the greatest reward you take with you from the Njord Nest competition?
”The greatest reward is the deep learning and training about pitching, connected to the business development elements and the LOOPA method. I knew a bit about pitching, but this program really made me focus and develop my pitching skills, which are really important in any type of communication with customers, investors or even philanthropic funds which is the type of funds we are currently seeking.

– Where are you heading next?
”We are headed to do more fundamental R&D to get a better understanding of the ocean carbon fluxes. We have secured a part of the funding necessary and are seeking philanthropic funds for additional capital. We are also nominated, to get nominated for the Earth shot prize, which would be a game changer for us.”

– If you wanted to share/give advice to other sustainable start-ups, what would that be?
”My advice is to stay focused and not give up. For some investors the sustainability aspect is still not an important factor, but it seems like more and more investors and customers realize that sustainability is the only way forward.  Stay strong, keep informing the public, and don’t give up, cause you are the ones changing the word in a positive way. ”

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