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Engage in change because Entrepreneurship is everybody's business

Engage in change  – because Entrepreneurship is everybody’s business”.

This is our ‘Why’ -But what does it really mean?

For us, entrepreneurship means so much more than starting new, growing companies. Entrepreneurship is, for us, about finding new sustainable solutions that create value for others and for the world.

When change happens quickly, when it no longer works to “do as we have always done” and when both people and businesses see obstacles and problems for a positive sustainable development, entrepreneurship is an important key.

Being able to create sustainable values ​​for others regardless of their context is necessary for us to be able to develop and solve challenges regardless of whether they arise in our own everyday lives, in our workplace or in society at large.

That is why it is important that we in any way possible, big, wide and small, get involved in the changes required to build a better society and we are all needed no matter where we come from. Entrepreneurship is everyones business.

We train entrepreneurial skillsOur task is to train, educate, coach and support people with concrete tools and our research-based methods – LOOPA and TOOKIG, so that they can develop, test and implement new ideas that make a difference.

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