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Our Partners

Our Partners

SEB banken

It should be easy to start a company! SEB offers you as Drivhusbusiness smart banking services and a committed personal consultant, for free the first year. Drivhuset will help you book a free consultation.

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Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business by offering services in corporatization, audit and taxes. Drivhuset will help you book a free consultation.

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Advokatfirman Wåhlin

Advokatfirman Wåhlin combine business understanding with engagement when you have questions regarding businesslaw.

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Våra finansiärer

Göteborgs Universitet

Stiftelsen Drivhuset i Göteborg receives operational support from the University of Gothenburg in order to develop entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial abilities among students. The activity also aims to stimulate collaboration between academia and business.

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Tillväxtverket works to promote sustainable business development and regional growth. The Greenhouse Foundation in Gothenburg receives operating grants from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in order to help new entrepreneurs start and run companies.

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Västra Götalandsregionen

Drivhuset receives operating grants from the Västra Götaland region in order to stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship among students and entrepreneurs in all areas of education.

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Finances the project Scandinavian Growth Creators which aims to enable students to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative skills, together with micro-enterprises.

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About Drivhuset Gothenburg

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